Last Date: Saturday, 30 November 2019 14:00

Venue: Glenella Guesthouse Blackheath


CAMINO MEETUPS :  the last Saturday of the month at 2.00-4.00pm

Come along to the Blue Mountains Supporters of the Camino group regular CAMINO MEETUPS, our way of getting together to share experiences and enthusiasms about the Camino.   CAMINO MEETUPS are held on the last Saturday of every month (except December) at our delightful base of Glenella Guesthouse, 56 Govetts Leap Rd, Blackheath.

Offerings of afternoon tea in the comforts of the Glenella lounge for a $5.00 donativo from attending supporters, friends, pilgrims and intending pilgrims (you may wish to bring something for afternoon tea).  We hope you will come to the  CAMINO MEETUPS to share the Camino spirit and camaraderie.  Listen to and share stories, tips, and experience by those who have walked the Camino and other pilgrimages.

This is a wonderful opportunity to ask questions, meet new people, make life friends and so much more....  It may even inspire you to do another Camino or perhaps your first Camino!  After the meeting, if time permits, there may be a showing of a Camino related doco/film in the Glenella Cellar Theatre.

Through the CAMINO MEETUPS learn about our other camino related activities such as self-guided walks,  Camino dinners, movie nights and other special events     There is a Camino Corner in the front lounge at Glenella with several books, DVDs and other information about the Camino.

Pilgrims or those just curious to learn more..... join in at our CAMINO MEETUPSEVERYONE WELCOME!!

Look for our Walking Meetups listed under separate Events.  Let's get walking/training!   BUEN CAMINO

If you have some time to spare and would be interested in participating in the Blue Mountains Supporters of the Camino group by taking others for the Saturday morning Walking Meetup, able to help with a Saturday afternoon Camino Meetup, and/or  help bake Santiago tarts,  etc then we would love to hear from you!  It's much easier to share and spread the load, so any help is most appreciated.  Gracias!



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